Real Holding

In the middle of 1990s Mr. Housseynov N. takes decision to start private business. With this aim he accumulates his own capital and as the result if it REAL HOLDING appears.

REAL HOLDING starts to exercise its activities in different fields. Taking into consideration the situation in Republic the food stuffs provision becomes the first Holding’s activities direction and here REAL GIDA is engaged. This daughter’s company takes up close relationship with European partners. In France such partner is a great poultry producer – DOUX COMPANY. Commodities circulation with this company in last 1996 year reached approximately 5 thousand tons per year (compare: Russia with 300 mln. Population in the same year has bought 7000 tons of chickens from this company. Reference: there are 7 mln. inhabitants in Azerbaijan). This fact was turned out to be the main cause of Monsieur Charle Doux’s visit to Azerbaijan, the President of the same named company on the purpose of personal acquaintance with the REAL HOLDING Board. Meanwhile in 1996 REAL GIDA continues to expand the sphere of its activities and establishes links with Danish meat producer – D.A.T. – SHAUB group. In 6 months terms commodities circulation with this group reached 200 tons of frozen meat. Consequently, Mr.Olledal, one of the company’s directors paid a visit to Baku as a result of which the agreement on starting of mean meat processing plant construction with D.A.T. – SHAUB trading mark was achieved. Read more on (in swedish).

Taking into account the geographical position of Azerbaijan REAL HOLDING has established partnership interrelations on production of poultry mean with Turkish company MUDURNU and at present REAL GIDA is an exclusive distributor of the company’s production in Transcaucasian region.

At the same time REAL GIDA buys great supply of different varieties cereals (5 thousand tons per year) from former Soviet Republics: Russia and Kazakhstan.

Electric goods export, chemical industry products and building materials import to Republic represents Holding’s another activities orientation. REAL T.M.T.N. company functions in that direction. In particular conditioners, mixers, refrigerators of Baku plant production are exported to the neighbor foreign countries.

Company imports: from Turkmenistan – cement (10-14 thousand tons per year), slate, pipes (practically all the building plots including foreign ones on Baku city territory are provided with mentioned materials), from Russia – steel frame «Eurostandard» (for Baku plants demand meeting), high-voltage conductors (bargains approximately total USD 1 mln.). The company has bought a plot in Baku suburbs provided for the building of its concrete production plant.

The construction of dwelling and office building comprises other direction of Holding’s activities. REAL Inshaat is occupied in this field. A new 6 storied office of REAL HOLDING located in Jafar Jabbarly Street, 611 (not far from Hyatt Regency Hotel) has become the first building object of the company. Simultaneously Islamic IRSHAD center (on Saudi sheikh order), BABIL office building (an order from United Arab Emirates) and at last the first PETROL Station (in the entrance way to Baku not far from Ramstore Supermarket) were constructed.
The building of 15 storied dwelling house in the center of Baku city, of one more PETROL Station and of new office premises are in the nearest projects of company.

The youngest branch of Holding activities is petroleum sale and REAL PETROL company was set up fulfill this task. At its primary stage the company has carried out not only the realization and development of local capital, Holding’s Board creates REAL INSHUARANCE cover company and has own auditing service.